megrain (Pty) Ltd. is an innovative Entrepreneurial Holding Company,
deploying 7 strategic business ventures, employing social, online marketing and advertising principles.

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“Hi, Debra here, we live our values and would like to share them with you.”

Maak 'n lawaai

Sê dit in Afrikaans, net soos ons kan...

Drag is a household name

Category is: Let the best woman win!

I am the biggest baby

Let babies have their say too


Queer as folk much...

Daily Bread

When you just don't have the words...

Music Movies & TV Realness

Wear your favorite line from your favorite person

Gamers get ready

Ready, steady... GO!

Office Furniture Rentals

Woof Couture

Everything Interiors

Oblix Events


Advertise here

La' Moor

Country Venue & Eatery


Sakura Shiatsu

South Africa

Oceanic Bubbles

Garden Route Crew


Advertise here

Black Mantra

International Fashion Brand - Botswana


Handmade with love.

Dress a Dog

Doggy style is the way to go...

GM Landscapes

I love to use art in the garden says all round creative Gregory Mark, amassing over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Indaba Props

Props rental store. Period correct camera's to present day, webbing, swat gear, helmets, household dressing and so much more...

Inwele Zam

My Crown | Isithsaba Sam

You & Me UX/UI

Applying the technical and psychological expectations to flatten the curve...

Concept Creation

Inspirational conceptual ideas gets born here...

Business Writing

Let us help you say, what you need to say, and how you need to say it...

Logo Creation & Brand Development

One great logo says a thousand words...

Perfect Placement Persuit

Recruitment Reinvention

Creative Consulting


Lorraine’s Care Talk Therapy & Counselling


Do your bit for change


Practice makes perfect.


Mindfulness Change Consulting

CHIRO Practic

Dr. Louw

Odyssey Classifieds

Therapists & Wellness Centres

Odyssey Current Edition

On Sale


Rapid Transformation Therapy

Fine Oils

"You'll be fine."


Megrain-limited. Boutique co-lab company, functioning by involving new-age, idea-driven business collectives with other entrepreneurs, producing custom-made items in merchandise, advertising and design, UX and UI design and so much more.

  1. merchandise with meaning LIMITED Ed: Caps, hoodies, WOOF Couture bandanas for dogs, shoes to spectacles, bespoke aprons and corporate gifts. We might take over the world.
  2. Furniture Hire & Interiors. (wegrains) Event/TV rental of furniture. Exclusive furniture restoration & hire. Interior decoration. Event Management.
  3. Creative consulting: Services incorporating different approaches to work better together
  4. mideas: Incorporating marketing and advertising, design, concept design, logo design, UX/UI design & web-mastering.
  5. mecruitment; “do what you really want to do”
  6. megallery: Online virtual art gallery
  7. metherapy: a global link to finding holistic healing, therapists, treatment & solutions.

“megrain is a company organically grown and our value lies in giving back, paying-it-forward in awareness, sharing and trade.

We do business the post-covid way.

Thank you. Dankie. Ngiyabonga.


Happy Clients




Combined Years Experience



Collective tallent to insure greatness!


Happy customers and what they think...

On a few occasions, in the short time I’ve known megrain, I have seen their exceptional ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat. They grasp a design concept quickly and uses their technical knowledge and creative skills to produce designs that are fresh and current. PW's art is popular and he has completed many commissions for satisfied customers.

Francess Hutton

Founder & CEO

Beech Road Beekeepers
International Training Network
Craft Cosmetics

I first met you at a quaint restaurant and after your enthusiastic approach to my requirements, I jumped at the opportunity to employ you & your companies services to provide one of our clients with their brand requirements, including their promo material. I as the owner of Oblix Event & Exhibition Management needed a fresh approach to our clients requirements of new to market ideas.

Over the last two months, we connected to a multitude of other suppliers through your networking channels.

With your creative mind, invaluable experience and outgoing personality we have managed to secure clients who were looking for unique ideas and roll out of campaigns at affordable pricing especially in these trying times.

Hence my writing you this recommendation letter – as I personally would like to thank you and your team and hope that the industry will recognise your skills and abilities together with the formidable networking channels that you have collated.

Cathy Van Den Berg


Thank you megrain for the amazing logo and slogan you designed for me. I have been at a loss for more than a year and it took you a quick chat and you created something that is so me, that was the response I got for everyone I showed…..That is so you. When someone reads the essence of who you are and what your business is, and creates his interpretation of that, is a blessing in disguise. Thank you

Moira Massyn

Founder & CEO


When you put a creative, sensible, brilliant, witty, artist and so much more behind a project that's when something as brilliant as Megrain us born.

Some of the best of the best people in their fields, professions and passions are part of the formidable team at Megrain. With this said I can only but imagine what all we can expect from this new collaboration.

A magical experience, exceptional work and dedication to service delivery. The future is bright when we put our passion to labour as it's by the sweat on our foreheads we shall eat.

May Megrain be your first thought for exceptional quality, comfort, durability and service delivery.

Minette Van Zyl

Hiitstep Instructor Group Fitness Trainer
Health & Nutrition Coach
Online Radio Presenter

MeGrain is my idea of a perfect depiction of what instinct and the mind can achieve beyond any obstacle, setback, and challenge.

Our story will continue to be told, through Fashion, through Art, from the heART

Phomolo Masega

Founder & CEO

Black Mantra


The team that makes the meworld go round

"Friends, collegues, exco-members, lend me your years" #howsyourearsdarling

PW Du Plessis

aka Pieter/L2
Founder & CEO

PW is an intense, idea-filled creative employing entrepreneurial ways, which includes two decades worth of art, graphic design, marketing and recruitment advertising experience. As well as art direction in commercial and long form film production would be my work-life story.
Wordsmith-ways and power plays, modist designs and also his craft, love for humans in every shape and form, led him to the inception of megrain.
He believes you have to share knowledge, be brave and always strive to be No.1.

Welcome to megrain.

Renier van Niekerk

Executive Creative Director,
Co-Founder & Investor

Renier is a force to be reconned with. Fine Art fuels his heart, coupled with 25 years’ Senior Digital Art Director experience in UX and UI, graphic design and website development. Under his belt he holds the following qualifications: MCSD, MCID, CIW, N4 & N5 Tech. If that is not enough he also is a qualified senior draughtsman.

A full-rounded nature lover, equestrian, 4x4 fanatic and artist.

Debra Stevens-Robins

aka Ed
Editor, Odyssey Magazine

Savvy and insightful, corporate jungle escapee, wordsmith, author, publisher and magazine editor. Debra is passionate about upliftment through the power of the written word.
Former natural healer, teacher and healing acadamy principal, with over 25 years' experience in delivering corporate wellness initiatives for local and global corporations.
Student of law and corporate consultant by trade, naturopathic practitioner by design and magazine editor by choice. Debra is custodian of Odyssey Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness Magazine.

Jeanetta du Plessis

Executive Creative Textile Consultant

Jeanetta knows how she rolls. Managing WOOF Couture, counting money as she goes, from Namaqualand and like a rock of a human. A dedicated and loving Mother, seamstress since childhood and manufactures anything from couture to a vintage gown, pillow cases to roman blinds and anything in between. Housewife by profession, wife by choice, and world traveller in passion.
She does hold a Masters’ degree in Rock Gardening.

Manuela Rapp

Co-founder & Inspiration Specialist

She holds an AAA degree in Advertising, an immaculate researcher for film production, have Art Directed more Television Commercials than humanly possible. A superwoman, German, loves language and owns every coffee table book you can think of. A true Creative, eco-friendly recycler, we can call her Recycle Queen. She can Ngiyakhuluma most isiZulu and Zwahili, making TV in Africa often. A wild child by heart, and definitely not “ beating around the bush”-type.

Elmar Gryffenberg

CEO of Lionheart PB, Logistics Superstar & Trader

Elmar moves. In every direction at the speed of the Road Runner. Father, beard-oil connoisseur, and can man-groom any husband you need to take care of. Technical Sales developer and running business to a charm. Qualified draughtsman and avid cosmetics developer for tattoo industry, he has all the muscle you need and is a true fighter for survival.

Managing business and logistics and export, a true winner in every respect.

Ursula Webb

Investment Art Curator

She is a mamma bear to two beautiful kids, an art lover by distinction. Ursula holds an honours’ degree in psychology and criminology, coupled with an HR Management qualification. Her energy and uniqueness is found in her magnificent knowledge of diamonds and semi-precious stones, as well as investment art and jewelry pieces.

Unique design and fine art, plus quality over quantity attitude, creates a flow in her untamed nature to be only the best, most unique self, she can be. A superwoman, with a heart of white gold.

Dr. Louwrens du Plessis

Health & Movement Specialist

Dr Louwrens has been practicing in private practice after completing his masters in chiropractic in 2014.

From skateboarding to motocross, marathons, trail running and adventuring, he has been able to experience life to the fullest, appreciating and understanding the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology.

He believes that ‘movement is life’ and that we were designed to explore and interact with the world, to change our inactive lifestyles and reconnect with the world. It's time we take control of our health, our lives, and unleash our true potential.


Please feel free to call, WhatsApp or email so that we can connect, support, guide or dress you in the best swag